We personally distribute all the collected aid to mothers with children. As a rule, they have no clothes, no money, nothing.
* All funds will be distributed only to pre-scrutinized applicants
Ruslan Savinkin Charitable Foundation
Charitable assistance to Ukrainian women and children
About the fund
Founder: Ruslan Savinkin. Ukrainian businessman, family man. Has more than 15K readers on social networks.
I understand my responsibility, though not great, but a leader of thought. I have an audience and I have to do my best. Every day I receive many messages (and from my students too) asking for help and who I can personally help. Many mothers with I have two children and I beg to help with something, I have two children and it hurts to read, but the realities are the same, so I decided to start raising funds to help mothers with children. I created this fund where you can help financially or ask for help. "

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55 children
Every minute they become refugees
1.5 million
The children left Ukraine
6.5 million
They became internally displaced persons
Current aid collection
Data is updated daily
Assistance for mothers with children
Selected $715 out of $2857
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You can help in any way convenient for you for any amount:
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  3. Transfer to USDT (TRC20)
  4. Money transfer to a European bank card
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